Exchange Programmes

Currently the exchange programme provides eight girls the opportunity to be an international ambassador for St Mary's DSG, Pretoria. The programme is exclusively designed for our Grade 10 students.

We offer two girls the opportunity to participate in a reciprocating exchange to St Aidan's Anglican School for Girls in Brisbane, Australia.  The girls normally leave early February to return at the end of March to be hosted by an Australian family. In September of the same year, the same Australian girl that hosted our daughter of the King will visit South Africa for six weeks. The bond that form between the two "sisters" are irreplaceable.

The German exchange requires three girls from St Mary's DSG, Pretoria to visit SchlossNeueberen in Bavaria, Germany, while three of this schools girls visit us - it is therefore a simultaneous exchange. We then ask three girls from St Mary's DSG to host our German visitors and show them the community and hospitality that makes South Africa unique. SchlossNeueberen offers our girls a very unique experience in that they have a very sophisticated exchange programme that focuses more on the Germany as whole rather than just the school.

 Australian Exchange

The St Aidan's AGS motto of "confidence and success" is very similar to our motto that states "if she believes in herself she will fly". St Aidan's strives to provide excellence in education, in a caring, friendly environment, where each individual is nurtured and shaped by the values of the Christian Faith. This provides her with the opportunity to achieve her full potential and to develop a passion for life and for learning. 


This similarity in motto and mission is why we see St Aidan's AGS as our sister school across the waters and why the girls going on the exchange make friends for life.

Application for a visa to Australia:

German Exchange

SchlossNeueberen's global approach and international community gives a visiting girl the opportunity to become part of the rising trend of universal living.  At SchlossNeueberen they want to be one of the best schools, preparing young people for a successful and international life. Their mission continues to state that they have high standards of quality, which extend to all disciplines and areas. They work to achieve economic success in order to secure our continued existence and our independence. They want to promote and maintain the "SchlossNeubeuern" network as a lifelong community and we at St Mary's DSG are honoured to be part of this network.

Application for a visa to Germany:

The Application Process

Application for the exchange opens in September every year to the Grade9s. A letter of information and an application form is can be collected by girls interested in these opportunity. If their application has been successful the girls are invited to an interview with a panel that makes the final decision as a collective.

For the most up-to-date letters and application forms please see the school communicator.