The traditional side of the school is found in the way students work, the compassion they show and the way in which they behave.

The Anglo-Catholic nature of our chapel worship stems from the CSMV nuns who ran the school for over 70 years. The ringing of the Angelus bell at midday, when the whole school pauses in prayer is another signal from our past. The House system is also a deep tradition which still inspires loyalty from Old Girls.

Every second year the school performs a Nativity Play written by Sister Janet CSMV in the 1930s, with a Carol service alternating. The school hymn Prasie my Soul the King of Heaven also has a specially constructed descant which is the precious preserve of St Mary’s DSG.

The school motto “Filae Regis” must be one of the very best around, immediately describing the nature of the school “Daughters of the King.”

Remembrance of the CSMV nuns is a precious one for many of the older Old Girls, but the younger ones will remember the way in which this “beloved communities” influence has been retained.