Living Away From Home


It is not at all unusual during the early stages of a boarder's stay to experience a degree of homesickness.  This is a perfectly natural response to the loss of security and emotional support that home life represents for most young people.   Parents also often experience emotional upset that results from the absence of their child.   As boarders develop friendships and become familiar with the surroundings and routine of boarding, this feeling of insecurity and emotional confusion passes.  In some cases it will recur, particularly if the student is worried or concerned about circumstances at home.

In the early stages of adjustment, keeping busy at school or sport, or at any of the activities that are on offer, can be helpful and boarders will be encouraged to become involved.   Parents who are concerned about their daughters are encouraged to make contact with the Director of Boarding.

In the early stages of settling in, parents are encouraged to reassure their daughter of parental love and support. Parents are encouraged to:

•  Expect that homesickness is a passing phase of a girl's adjustment to boarding life.

•  Make contact with the Director of Boarding if there are concerns.

•  Encourage your daughter to seek support from boarding staff.

Date: Thursday, 03 November 2022 14:34