Progress reports, supported by the Director of Boarding and staff, are an essential summary of the term.  These are available as per school calendar.

Social Events

We try and schedule one social event per term for boarder families.  Where possible, it is recommended that you attend. 

Cell Phones

Cell phones give opportunity for greater ease in communication.  Boarders may have their cell phones but conditions apply as per the rules in the School’s code of conduct.  Should a boarder be found, not adhering to the rules applying to cell phones, consequences will follow

The security of the cell phone is the responsibility of the boarder.

All grade 08s may not make use of any telephones for the first two weeks of term.  This is to assist with the settling process and to encourage the girls to follow the correct channels.  Parents are more than welcome to call the Director of Boarding to enquire about their daughter’s well-being.


All boarders have an email address and have Internet access through the School Network.  All Boarding Houses have wireless networks easily accessible to students as well as networked printers.  All boarders have access to computers for emailing.  Your daughters email address will be: initial;

eg Pumla Dlungwana    -

Date: Thursday, 03 November 2022 14:34